• CONTAINER: Icon (I-4L) w/skyhook:  NBL w/Lime $1,100 RESERVE: 160′ OP DOM: 08/21 $1,775 MAIN: Nitron 170' JAD, BLK, SIL $700 COMPLETE RIG:  $3,575 -Price does not include Vigil AAD. -w/AAD +$1,100 (10/21)
  • CONTAINER: Wings (W-18) w/MARD: BLK w/ROY $900 RESERVE: 193′ OP DOM: 07/21 $1,775 MAIN: Pilot7 187' JAD, NEON PUR $1,900 COMPLETE RIG:  $4,575 -Price does not include Vigil AAD. -w/AAD +$1,100 (01/22)
  • CONTAINER: Mirage (MT) SIL, BLK, ROY $600 RESERVE: 126′ PD DOM: 9/97 $225 MAIN: Spectre 107' TGR, WHT, BBY $1,300 COMPLETE RIG: $2,125 -Price does not include AAD. -w/AAD +$1,100 (01/22)
  • CONTAINER: Mirage (M-4) BLK, NPK $700 RESERVE: 160′ PD DOM: 02/07 $650 MAIN: SABRE3 170' NBL, LEM, BLK w/SIL $2,700 COMPLETE RIG:  $4,050 -Price does not include Vigil AAD. -w/AAD +$1,100 (02/22)
  • Are you looking for the perfect gift, one that will always be remembered? A skydiving gift certificate is great for any occasion. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE: -Covid has put a bit of a twist on how we operate our business, so at any time you may see us utilize our smaller aircraft. -Gift certificates are transferable to another person, but NOT REFUNDABLE. -Certificates are valid for our 2022 SEASON ONLY.  Look for our jump days, which can be found on our website weekly schedule. -SOME RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY; Age (must be 18 and no greater than 65), weight (call if over 200 lbs.) and no physical conditions. -We need to process your gift certificate, so allow us at least 24-48 hrs.


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