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3463 Airport Road
Ogden, Utah 84405

801-627-5867 (JUMP)

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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check us out through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

You must be at least 18 years of age with a current photo ID. DO NOT forget your I.D., because you must have it when you check in. There are no exceptions to this rule.

No. Your cell phone, camera and GoPro must stay on the ground. You must have 200 jumps before you can jump with cameras.

Skydive Ogden has the most professional and experienced instructors.  We take pride in maintaining a high-quality level of standards.  You may decide to only jump once in your life-time, so why not choose the overall best for your skydiving experience?

When it comes to pricing, one may ask…Why is this other skydiving center offering such deep discounts?  In this business, you get what you pay for.  i.e. Folks don’t always go looking for a physician that can provide them with the very best deal.  Some skydiving centers have less to offer, so their ‘special’ advertised price should reflect their ‘everyday’ price.  There are big differences when it comes to comparing skydiving services, aircraft and facilities.  You certainly deserve to know and understand what they are.  Buyer beware before pressing the ‘special deal button’, rather than find yourself disappointed from the misrepresentation of an ad.  We recommend that you drop by the facility first and be confident when making your purchase.  This may save you some grief from an impulse buy, of what you thought otherwise to be a whole different experience. When something online appears too good to be true, most often it is.

Our primary aircraft is a Grand Caravan, which provides the safest and most comfortable ride to altitude with 14 scenic windows.  The large door makes exiting the aircraft extremely easy.  When it comes to jump aircraft, skydiving schools around the world hunger for this type of turbine aircraft, because when it come to maintaining, piloting and safety a Caravan is the way-to-go.

The view and flight to altitude is unsurpassed.  Others may say their scenery is awesome, but please…let’s be honest here.  Flying over Waterfall Canyon, Ben Lomond Peak, Snowbasin Resort and basking in the infinite view of the Great Salt Lake there really is no comparison.  Seeing beautiful scenery from a distance is one thing, but to bask in the beauty from right over-top is most definitely another.  We know that you will experience an enjoyable ride to altitude, which is a large part of your adventure.

We train world champion skydivers and continue to make our mark on the industry.

The winds in Ogden are historically more favorable.

For the experienced jumper, we are located only 5 minutes from the wind tunnel.

We reccomend a weeks notice.  For larger parties, two weeks notice.

Yes. Please contact our staff for further information. There is an additional fee of $2 per lb. if you are over 200 lbs.