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Our mission is to offer customers the best
experience and provide you with
the memory of a lifetime.

We are a small business with a unique love story…

Here in Ogden, back in 1992 we decided to offer our services. Together with love and passion, we are still here today. Our desire to share this experience and see the joy it brings to others is what has kept us around. Not only has our story been created, but many others have found their own way through the excitement, passion, desire of flying and skydiving. For this we are creating the “Next-Gen” of skydiving and are extremely proud of what we are a product of and what we continue to do.

Through a level of perfection, our quality of standards and ability to maintain under extreme levels of aviation industry demands.  Our story continues as the longest running business, at Ogden’s Airport.  This speaks loudly of an aviation business, as the punches are relentless.  Ask any general aviator what has happened since 911 and their story can be told.

  • Knowledge is key.

  • Enjoy the experience that surrounds you.

  • We strive in providing you with the best.

  • Never give up.


If you are searching for the most experience, look no further.
All you need to do now is get ready to enjoy your skydiving adventure.

Skydive Ogden

Where the best skydiving experience is created.

Our staff is made up of a core group of jumpers, that has collectively spent many years together.
The opportunity for us to build relationships with businesses and families who return to us, is acknowledged with great appreciation.
We know exactly what will make your skydiving experience the safest and best all around.
Experience and Knowledge = Success
Now the rest is up to you, so be fearless and choose the way you desire to reach out to us.


We are proud of our manufacturers.
They work hard to deliver the best skydiving equipment available.


It is our pleasure and privilege to share this experience with you personally.
Are you ready for a real taste of freedom?  “If it matters to you, it matters to us.”
We are ready to take you to new heights and make your dream of flight a reality.